BukGet is an API into BukkitDev. Developed to help plugin developers and system administrators alike to make plugin installation, upgrades, and searching with applications (even the server itself) easy and painless.

Originally BukGet was an independent repository system that used a similar mechanism to python’s cheeseshop to allow developers to maintain the content in BukGet’s repository on their own, however it was largly unsuccessful. When BukkitDev was released, the API was recoded to fit into the gap that Curse had created by not releasing a publicly exposed API into the data.

Currently BukGet is a constantly evolving codebase thats trying to dig deeper and pull ever more information out of BukkitDev and the plugins themselves in order to provide a feature-rich API for everyone to use.

Development Team

  • Steven McGrath Lead Developer
    Twitter: @stevemcgrath
    Blog: chigeek.com
  • Enrico Ludwig (Morphesus) Bukkit Plugin Developer
    Twitter: @morphsdevstudio

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